Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bad Blogger

Okay so I'm guilty of being a bad blogger. It's been several weeks and although I've been dedicating my thoughts and energies to blogging, my fingers have found themselves doing other things than typing. I've been creating, drawing, strumming, job searching and simply just giving the digits a break from the keyboard. This makes me a bad blogger. So much has happened in the last several weeks that I would not even know where to begin. I have traveled to New York and back where I visited with friends and where I endulged in roaming in my old stomping grounds, namely Greenpoint, Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, the East Village and Fort Green. I spent hours at the Internet Garage refamiliarizing myself with their famous call board displaying advertisements for every possible type of service. I drank wine in the Scratcher which is always a pleasure. A quaint, quiet Irish bar, whose wooden decor and brick walls make you feel like you can be lost in a wine cellar or secret hiding spot in an old castle. I always feel like I'm hiding when I'm in there and that's the beauty of it as it is a bar that is off the beaten path so most of the times, when you are in there, it's because you don't want to be seen. I spent time on Bedford Avenue drinking coffee at New York Muffin seeing old familiar faces, the ones that made me coffee's every morning. Most of the staff has left but the Puerto Rican belle with the tattooed paws on her breasts and beautiful face still made me smile. She still knew exactly how I drank my coffee. I hung out with my friends and their babies and I caught live music at Rose Bar in Williamsburg. In essence I avoided doing all things touristy and instead I opted to relive my life for a few days, the life I had before I left New York for Milano. And this is the reason for my bad blogging. I have been lazy and I am sorry. My time was spent getting back to me, getting to know the woman who lived in New York with dreams, opportunities and strength. It was important to find her again as I don't think I could have survived a return to Milano had I not been able to get in touch with who I was, who I am, what I do, what I did, and what I desire to have in my life. It's quite easy to lose track of it here as one is swept up with the glares and the superficiality of life and the hostile energy. I apologize for the bad blogging. I am now back and as the thoughts surface, I promise to write more. I guess every one needs a mental break in a while, a time to process, absorb everything around them, make sense of the world. Sometimes a word said in less is a thought meant in more, an action to be appreciated even more. On that note, I leave you on this beautiful Saturday morning and I continue to put my thoughts together for my next blog!

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